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In 2020 we made the decision to leave while on top. We were one of the highest rated DJ & Photo Booth companies in New Hampshire. We were off. On our way to the 941, Sarasota County Florida. Sunshine and warmth. After 3 days of driving (with the kids), we made it! Time to get acclimated and set up shop. Suprise! Covid hit full force and all events got cancelled. Awesome. Now what? We went from doing 55-60 events a year in New England to 5-10 events here in Florida. We made the best of less events and rocked every one of them! We learned a lot about the business that we THOUGHT we already knew. It was quite a learning experience. We made many friends throughout the industry down here that we will cherish forever.

With Florida growing so rapidly, and the area not being what we moved to for, we made the decision to relocate back to New Hampshire. It was a tough decision, but one that will be great. So for 2024, We're coming home! We're booking for Summer and Fall of 2024.

We'll be upgrading some gear for you this year. New photo booths, speakers, and some behind the scenes equipment. We're ready to be back on top! We're looking to partner with some great vendors in New Hampshire. We've also got some things in the works that are going to be EPIC! Stay tuned for more info on that.

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